About me and my Motivation

I'm Santiago Gegenschatz, but everybody calls me Santy.

I think that science can help us:

  • Understand the truth (in statistical terms at least).
  • Engineer technologies to solve current problems (whatever those are).

With problems solved by technologies,
we can and should have loads of fun!

Where to Find Me

My Career

I began my carrer studying for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics at Udesa

Then I continued my carrer by studying for a Masters of Science Degree in Finance also at Udesa

Then I started my professional career working different roles at Google

Then I continued my carrer by investing on my tech skills. I decided to learn:

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Deep learning

Then I started creating increasingly complex products and services with the knowledge I acquired during my education

In the Future

  • I plan to continue my career by using my science and tech skills to create products and services that help others.
  • Establishing a research lab & a commercially viable company are immediate priorities of mine.
  • Also, I dream to do a PhD in the future to keep learning more in order to produce even better products and science.

My interests

I find time spent with family to be the most rewarding.

I am unexplicably very interested in learning. Since I was a little boy it has been a remarkably stable trait.

Generally I find science topics the ones I enjoy most, but also like other stuff.

  • As an example of the above, I deeply enjoy taking singing and music lessons.
  • In fact, I've even released my own music, making good use of the lessons I've taken.

  • You can hear it in Spotify

Contrarian Thoughts

  • Good sleep is underrated.
  • Aerobic sport is underrated.
  • Deep Work is underrated.
  • Willpower decline throughout the day is underrated.
  • Proper hydration is underrated.
  • Shipping many imperfect iterations on the way to a perfect one is underrated.

Ideas & Essays

  • I write essays on things I consider interesting or important for my career and life. It gives me clarity. Many people find them useful.

Research Interests

  • Causal Inference Because why not?
  • Economic growth Is tech advance the only factor that makes economies grow? Solow predicts this in his model
  • Behavioral Economics Why are we so irrational? Is that maybe something to take advantage of?
  • Startups Why are information companies so valuable?
  • Maths behind Association Football Could a team of inferior players defeat a team of superior players with a non-intuitive maths approach?
  • Cellular Modification Can we advance research far enough to change our cells at will? That would be really cool!


You can contact me via several routes. I prefer to meet people in person but if you want to go digital some of them include: